New features for the stop schedule and other improvements to the user interface

Nov 8, 2023

SeeSignage’s user interface has been updated, and the new version offers several improvements to the interface as well as a refreshed look for the stop schedule widget.

HSL stop schedules

You can now create even more versatile bus stop schedules with the info page editor.

  1. Click “Schedule” from the sidebar on the left in the info page editor.
  2. Select the bus stops for the schedule from the sidebar on the right. Search for stops by typing in the location of the stop.
  3. You can customize the look of the schedule as you wish. For example, you can change the font types and colors of the schedule.

Renaming environments

You can now give your environment a custom display name. Renaming is done on the “Settings” page by clicking the environment settings icon in the toolbar on the right. This feature is especially useful if your company has multiple environments that you want to give distinct names.

Other Improvements

  • When adding an individual product to a playlist: a new product image will be automatically selected for the product after image upload. You no longer need to search for the image in the media library separately.
  • Adding media in the info page editor: When you upload new media to an info page, it is automatically selected and does not need to be searched separately in the media library.
  • Several general improvements and fixes to the user interface.