Hardware Store and Specialty Shops

There are many different items on the shelves in the hardware and specialty stores. In specialty stores, the challenge for the customer is to find the product information they are looking for.The solution ise DS and ESL price screens. The atmosphere of the movement is also an important factor in creating an excellent customer experience, which can be influenced by means of suitable screen graphics.

It is also important in specialty stores to communicate easily about offers and other interesting products.


ESL price screens

The ESL price displays we use are the most versatile electronic price tags on the market with long battery life and indoor positioning. ESL price displays can enhance your collection and provide customers with product placement.

ESL price displays eliminate the need for paper shelf edge printing and release your staff for more productive work.


Price screens

The price screens make the store fresh and clear. The price screen immediately shows what products are in the mass or shelf.

Price screens make your store staff more efficient. You can update your new product data with the PDA by reading the barcodes. The system automatically generates content on the screen.

Product lists

Various product lists can be used e.g. for lunch and menus, price lists and other similar uses. On the left is an example of a board with fish origins.

Video walls

On the video wall, bright and visible surfaces can be constructed, for example, to display a larger advertising surface through the outer window. The video wall can also be enclosed in a weatherproof case, providing a spectacular surface for the street level.