Specialty shops

From us you can get high-quality advertising and info screens for the needs of specialty stores. SeeSignage makes managing the content of the advertising screen easy and fast with its own cloud service.

Why digital screens for a specialty store?

Sell more


Imaginary material attracts the customer to the store


Product and price information helps the most in making a purchase decision

Save time


With the product template, you can create and schedule an ad in seconds


No more hanging paper prints

Make the shop more comfortable


Your customers spend longer in the store and buy more


Your customers return to the store more often

Ad screens

More sales and less work

Attract the passer-by into the shop

A luminous and bright advertising display attracts the customer’s attention better than a dark advertising sign and is visible further.

Increase sales with product purchases

Finished product templates that match the company’s look and presenting the right content at the right time boost sales. With SeeSignage, it’s easy to schedule and create campaigns for screens remotely on a computer or phone.

Create a positive image for the customer

With advertising screens, you inform the customer, increase comfort and create a positive image of the shop.

Sell advertising space to brands

Procurement costs for advertising screens can be turned into profit by selling advertising space to brands and advertisers. Several of our customers have managed to cover the costs of acquiring screens by selling advertising space even in a year.

Price screens

Add a product to the screen in seconds

Clear product information

Price displays are easy to integrate as part of store furniture, and you can immediately see what products are on the shelf from the display.

Quick management

With SeeSignage’s software, managing screen content is easy and fast. Adding a product to the price screen can be done remotely with a computer and phone or on-site with a barcode scanner.

Prices always up to date

It is possible to retrieve product information directly from the point of sales system or online store through integration.

SeeSignage features

Versatile features for managing advertising and info screens

Content management

With SeeSignage’s easy-to-use content management, you can easily add and schedule new content to the screens. The content can be, for example, images, video, product purchases and information pages. Content management works well remotely with a computer and phone browser. The service includes a user interface, technical support and updates.

Product templates

The ready-made product templates that match the company’s look are an easy way to create new advertisements. With the product template, you can create a new ad in seconds, and the appearance of the ads remains uniform.

Graphical content editor

Easy-to-use graphic editor for creating content for info and advertising screens. You can create, for example, product advertisements or your own info pages directly from the SeeSignage user interface. The editor also offers versatile support for various widgets such as weather, RSS feed, table, Facebook/Instagram feed and much more.

Yes, we can – Everything!

Turnkey service


We plan and implement the store concept together with you.

Store appearance

We design advertising templates that match the look of the store and create new templates according to needs.


The best experts in the field are at your disposal by phone, chat and e-mail.


Request an offer or leave a contact request and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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