Customer stories

We have customers in numerous different industries, from grocery stores to restaurants. Easy-to-use SeeSignage is perfect for enhancing communication in different environments. Read here customer experiences with SeeSignage and advertising and info screens.


Advertising screens in over 240 kiosks

SeeSignage enables versatile and fast content management of R-kioski’s advertising screens. R-kioski wanted to improve the content management of screens and ended up switching to SeeSignage.
The contents of the advertising screens are conveniently retrieved directly from the Granon EMMi data management service used at the R-kiosk and converted into a format suitable for the screens. The information and timings of the screens are automatically retrieved by integration from R-kioski’s own kiosk interface. Scheduling campaign materials is much smoother and faster than before. Editing playlists is easy and development work is underway towards jointly defined goals.

“SeeSignage’s coders did development work that allows marketing to manage the content of screens in a new way. I am impressed how our challenges have been listened since the first meeting and workable solutions have been presented.”

  – Mikko Arosilta, Director of development

MediaMix parking garage screens

In the Europark halls in the heart of Helsinki

MediaMix acquired 50 high-quality screens from SeeSignage for the EuroPark halls in the center of Helsinki. The screens are placed in the best places, attention-grabbing, but elegant, to reach a target group that is constantly on the move.

You may know what outdoor advertising looks like, but do you know what it sounds like? That sounds great! The screen can whisper to a passerby or create an atmosphere while waiting for the elevator. The screen can directly influence the emotions of passers-by in an exciting way.

“SeeSignage’s experts were easy to work with and we found the best solutions for a demanding environment. Our customers are very interested in this innovation. I am very satisfied with the end result.”

  – Harri Karlsson, MediaMix

Four giant stores around Finland wanted to upgrade its Digital Signage partner to an operator that can meet their needs and future development plans.

We supplied with an easy-to-use SeeSignage advertising and information display solution with direct integration into the online store’s product information. Creating new product advertisements on the screens can be done conveniently in the store directly with a barcode reader or remotely from your own workstation using the SeeSignage cloud service.

SeeSignage’s Sync Play feature enables impressive and smooth content presentation when multiple screens are used. The contents change on the screens at the same time and you can create impressive special contents where the elements move from one screen to another.

“SeeSignage software has been easy and comfortable to use. SeeSignage was presented with a development request and this feature was implemented in just a couple of days. We are very satisfied with the fast service.”

– Roni Öberg, Technical Retail Designer at Oyj


Furniture screens

Thanks to SeeSignage’s management software and advertising displays, the updated look of the Lumene brand was made possible in Stockmann’s department stores, Sokos and Helsinki-Vantaa Airport. Advertising screens create a unique atmosphere in Lumene stores as part of the store furniture.

Restaurant pallogrilli

Ad and menu screens

Restaurant Pallogrill’s modern and contemporary look was achieved with SeeSignage advertising and info screens. Pallogrilli has been satisfied with SeeSignage’s service and user interface.


Campaign screens

“The SeeSignagen software is perfectly suited to chain management and I can make monthly campaigns for all pharmacies at the same time. Putting SeeSignage into operation has been effortless both because of the ease of SeeSignage and the smoothness of the entire project.”

– Sirkku Kemppainen, CEO of Lähiapteekit

There are pharmacies of the Lähiapteekit chain from the southern coast of Finland to Lapland. The owners are private, independent pharmacists. Lähiapteekit serves its member pharmacies and offers marketing support, for example by publishing a customer magazine.

Digital display surfaces are increasing in pharmacies, and Lähiapteekit wanted to modernize marketing channels with advertising screens. It is important for local pharmacies that the content of the screens can be easily managed at the chain level and in the calendar view.

At first, we piloted campaign displays and chain management in three different Lähiapteeki pharmacies. We developed two different display solutions: a customized display case that could be attached to the furniture and a campaign display near the prescription point.

After a successful pilot, SeeSigange offered Lähiapteekei a comprehensive turnkey service for display management. With the help of surveys and pictures, we found out the pharmacy-specific display solutions. In this way, Lähiapteekit saved in total costs and the necessary information for the installations was obtained quickly without having to carry out on-site inspections of each pharmacy. After the surveys, campaign screens were successfully installed in 32 local pharmacies.

Sport Family

Advertising screens

Sport Family Media uses SeeSignage to manage advertising screens and sell advertising space at sports venues around Finland. Advertising screens at sports venues enable reaching a large audience and generate additional income for local sports venues and sports clubs.

An advertising display pylon is particularly suitable for many locations, which is easy to place in the desired location – just plug it into the wall, the screen is ready for use and retrieves the contents from SeeSignage’s cloud service. If necessary, the screen comes with a professional-level 4G modem, so connecting to the Internet at sports venues does not cause problems.

“SeeSignage features enable easy-to-use advertising display management. We are satisfied with the software and its development. We expressed a wish for a useful feature related to managing ads and this was implemented.”

Christian Leikkainen, Sport Family

K-Citymarket Jumbo

Ad screens, product offers and Sync Play feature

At K-Citymarket Jumbo, the customer is lured into the store with ten impressive advertising screens, where the content changes simultaneously using SeeSignage’s Sync Play feature. There are also several different advertising screens inside the store, menu screens in the restaurant line and 2 video projectors at the meat and fish counter. There is a break screen in the staff’s own spaces. There are a total of 28 screens in the store.

KCM Jumbo has been satisfied with SeeSignage’s service and easy-to-use content management. The content of the advertising screens can be easily updated with ready-made advertising templates suitable for the look of the store, and campaigns can be scheduled for the screens in advance.

Porvoon Uusi Apteekki

Advertising screens and product templates

In the Porvoon Uusi Apteekki, advertising and information screens inform the customer about opening hours, offers and campaigns, among other things. Advertising displays in the shop window attract the attention of passers-by, increase sales and create a positive image of the pharmacy for the customer.

SeeSignage’s versatile features enable e.g. advertising templates that match the look of the pharmacy and the timing of the campaigns in advance for the screens.

Pharma Fellows

Customized campaign tool and product ads

Pharma Fellows and SeeSignage have been cooperating since 2021. SeeSigange has implemented a customized display case for the campaign shelf and carried out software development to enhance the collection of campaign data.

A campaign tool was developed for Pharma Fellows pharmacies, which enables the management of monthly campaigns in the SeeSignage software. For the development work, an integration was made with Apteekkariliitto’s TAKSA database, which contains product information for prescription and over-the-counter medicines. With the help of integration, ads can be automatically created with the right image and product information.

Pharma Fellows creates a monthly campaign that automatically sends information to each pharmacy, after which they add local price information for campaign products. Promotional products are timed and automatically displayed on each pharmacy screen with local price information.

“We set out together with SeeSignage to develop our operations and they did the development work which improved the work steps related to the collection of campaign data. Today, we collect local price information directly in SeeSignage, from which our media partner also receives the necessary information that is used in Apteekki magazine.”

Petri Kumlin, Skanssi pharmacy

S-Market Grani

Price and advertising screens 

S-Market Grani uses SeeSignage’s price and advertising screens. Price displays make the store fresh and clear. It is easy for customers to read product information on the screens. Price displays also enhance the efficiency of store staff. Updating the content and adding the product to the screen can be done conveniently directly with the barcode scanners used by the store staff and the SeeSignage application.

The store also has advertising screens on the roof racks to attract the customer’s attention and create a good feeling about the store.

Alavus Ikkunat

Internal company communication with info screens

Alavus Ikkunat uses SeeSignage info screens at the company’s factory to enhance internal communication. Staff are informed on info screens, e.g. about the company’s current issues and useful instructions. In addition to internal communication, the company uses SeeSignage’s advertising display in the shop window.

Our satisfied customers