User interface update, origin tables and other improvements

Sep 25, 2023

The user interface of SeeSignage has been updated, and the new version offers an even smoother user experience. The update brings with it faster performance, a more responsive appearance, and revamped user interface components.

Fish and meat origin tables

According to Finnish law, if a fish product made in Finland has used imported fish, the country or area of origin of the fish product must be indicated on the packaging labels or in other ways when selling. With the SeeSignage interface, origin labels can be easily updated on information displays with the new list tool.

Muita parannuksia

  • It is now possible to add up to four media carousels to the info pages, which play images, videos, or playlists simultaneously.  Here are the instructions for adding a playlist to the media carousel.
  • SeeSignage supports now AVIF media format.
  • Environment administrators can now update information on multiple displays simultaneously. Select more than one display and click the edit button from the toolbar.
  • A new font ‘Neutra’ has been added to the system. It can be used on info pages and product templates among others.
  • Several general improvements to the user interface.


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