All SeeSignage packages include a lot of features

Easy-to-use management of advertising and info screens

Includes basic features for managing the content of screens. Versatile media support, playlists, publishing channels with a calendar view and a graphic content editor.


The best benefit from ad and info screens

Includes rich display content management features, ready-made ad templates to suit your business look, and more.

Customized advertising and info screen solution

Volume-based pricing, automatically updated ads through integration, versatile chain-level management, digital price tags, and more. Ask for more so we can tailor the best solution for your business!

Technical know-how and the continuous development of the application is a source of pride for us. We constantly strive to develop new features for the cloud service. It is important to us that our customers get the best possible benefit from advertising and info screens.

BASIC features

Versatile media support

SeeSignage converts media to the screen in the most compatible format. Support for the following formats: PDF, JPEG, PNG, WebP, TIFF, SVG, MP4, MOV, MPEG ja AVI.


Playlists make managing content on ad and info screens easy and fast.

Publishing channels

Publishing channels allow you to schedule playlists on screens with an easy-to-use calendar view.

Graphical content editor

An easy-to-use PowerPoint-style editor for creating content.

Remote control of screens

Control display functions remotely. Screen connection status, ON/OFF timing, memory usage, tags and much more.


Priorities allow the efficient use of multiple playlists at the same time. A higher priority playlist runs over a lower one.

Schedule and weather conditions

Versatile scheduling features for the playlist and its contents. For example, schedule an ice cream advertisement to appear on the screen in sunny weather.

Media library

The media library makes managing images and videos easy. Media can also be added directly to a playlist from the library.


Preview playlists and on-screen content directly from the user interface.

User management and tags

Easily add new users to the system. With access tags, you can easily assign a user’s access to a playlist and display.

responsive user interface

You can easily manage your advertising and info screens with computer, phone or tablet.

URL playback

Easily play a website, Youtube video or live stream on the screen.

Customer service

The best experts in the field are available to you by phone, chat and email.

PLUS features

SeeSignage PLUS includes BASIC-ominaisuuksien, and

Attractive ad templates

Ready-made advertising and product templates by our graphic designer to attract the customer’s attention and increase sales.

Product offers

Product offers with ready-made templates are an easy and quick way to create quality content for your displays.

Product management

Easily manage products and add a product to good looking template.

Unlimited number of users

Add multiple users to your environment.

Info pages

With ready-made info templates, you guide and inform about important information

Ad revolver

A convenient way to manage advertiser material.

RSS feed and social media integrations

Use the RSS feed, for example, to display news on the info screen. Also support for Facebook/Instagram feed.


Download statistical files of on-screen content as a ZIP file in an informative CSV format.

Versatile training

SeeSignagen experts make sure that you get the most out of your advertising and information displays.


A customized advertising and information display solution for your company.

Volume based pricing

We want to make sure that you get the most competitive offer from us.


For example, integration information can be used to retrieve Product Information for displays directly from the online store.


Use the feed for automatic content control.

Product lists

Product lists make it easy to advertise products. The product list can be filled easily with a barcode reader.

Barcode reader

Ad and price display management is efficient with SeeSignage’s own barcode reader application.

Price screens

Price displays are especially suitable for store and presenting product information in a fresh and new way.

Customized to the company's brand

Advertising templates, product offers, and info pages can all be customized to best suit a company’s brand.

Chain level management

Chain-level management allows content to be shared from a higher-level environment to lower-level environments.

Consulting and development

Want something new, but technical limitations have been an obstacle? Everything is possible for us.

Electronic shelf labels

Through us, you also get the best electronic shelf labels in the industry with SeeSignage integration. 

Graphic design services

Our graphic expertise is industry-leading. We have produced hundreds of images and video content for our customers’ screens.

Integration to point of sales system

The integration enables, for example, the automatic updating of product information in price displays.