Real estate and housing associations

Real estate and housing associations have unique communication challenges. Real estates do not always have an employee on duty who could update the information on display surfaces or notice boards. With our solution, you can put new messages in place remotely and always communicate current issues. In addition, we can show, for example, the day’s weather forecast, news and bus schedules on the screens.

Residents of the housing association

The content of the info screen can be modified according to the wishes of the residents. In addition to resident information, bus schedules, weather information and news can be displayed on the screens.

Hosting agencies and maintenance companies

Remote control of the screen saves time and resources and enables real-time communication of information to residents.


The information display in the stairwell is an effective way to reach the residents of the housing association and display advertisements from companies in the area.

screens for housing associations

Info display in the stairwell

Additional income with advertisements

It is possible to reserve space for advertising space on entrance screens, which is an effective and targeted communication channel for the residents of the residential building. Advertising space can also cover the costs of the display and collect additional income.

More cost-effective resident communication

The entrance screen easily reaches passing residents and enables more real-time resident communication than before. It is easy and quick to update the notices displayed on the screen remotely.

Attracts the resident’s attention

The entrance info screen attracts the resident’s attention and the always up-to-date content creates a positive image of the housing association.

Diverse content

In addition to the housing association’s resident information and bulletins, e.g. bus schedules, news and daily weather information can be displayed on the screens.

SeeSignage features

Versatile features for managing info screens

Graphic info page editor

SeeSignage’s graphic info page editor makes it easy to create and update the content of the entrance display. Updating the resident list and bulletins is fast with the editor. Editor also has versatile support for various widgets such as e.g. weather, RSS feed, table, Facebook/Instagram feed and much more.

Yes, we can – Everything!

Turnkey service


We plan and implement the store concept together with you.

Ready-made info pages

From us you can get ready-made info page templates for communication and we create new templates according to your needs.


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