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Mar 5, 2019

Have you ever missed an outdoor activity because of bad weather? Or have you spontaneously decided to go out if the sun is shining? If you answered yes to either one, the weather conditions have affected your decision making.

 According to studies, weather conditions have a significant impact on consumer purchasing behavior [1]. Weather affects, among other things, our mood and our choice of clothing, which in turn affects purchasing decisions when shopping. According to a study in the United States, consumers would be willing to pay up to 55% more on a sunny day compared to a cloudy day [1]. Who would want to see ads on winter clothes in the summer months or swim wear ads in the middle of winter? An improperly presented ad is a waste of advertising space.

Today, marketing is not based on a mere product and price. Advertising is more and more targeted towards moods and images. Precision marketing based on prevailing weather conditions is a new direction of influence. With the SeeSignage weather and temperature-based conditions, you can schedule a specific video or ad image to appear only if the selected weather condition at the location of the screen match. When the weather or temperature changes, content on the screens also changes according to the conditions set. On hot and sunny times, you can advertise, for example, sunscreen or swimwear, umbrellas or rainwear when it rains and winter products when it’s snowing. The possibilities are unlimited.

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[1] Murray, K.B., Di Muro, F., Finn, A. and Leszczyc, P.P., 2010. The effect of weather on consumer spending. Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, 17(6), pp.512-520.

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