The partnership between Grano and SeeSignage strengthens the customer experience in the store

Nov 3, 2020

Grano and SeeSignage have signed a cooperation agreement to increase the efficiency of companies’ marketing and improve store image and customer satisfaction.

New stimuli for customers visiting the store

Our new combined solution keeps the store environment up to date and gives the customer a store experience that constantly offers new stimuli. Stimuli can be, for example, changing moods on large displays, offers or new ideas for both celebration and everyday life. The combined solution creates a memorable and beneficial experience for the customer.

Digital display surfaces for more efficient use

The SeeSignage cloud service provides businesses with a wide range of features that allow them to effectively manage digital display surfaces. The content of the information displays can be customized according to, for example, time, location and weather. The information screens integrate seamlessly with Grano’s Emmi content management system (CMS), allowing automatic content updating from the CMS to the displays. Digital Signage – displays and related services can be purchased from the same Grano contact person. Getting started couldn’t be any simpler.

The SeeSignage cloud service is particularly capable on the retail side. The cloud service features various tools to make everyday life easier – for example, a product offer can be displayed by simply reading the product’s barcode.

SeeSignage and Grano want to provide the best user experience for everyone, whether they are chain decision makers, content designers, store employees or end customers.

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SeeSignage is a full service display communications house. We offer our own cloud service for content management, installation, content production and maintenance. Our vision is to automate display communication and provide the best user experience for all users of our service.

Grano is Finland’s leading printing company. Grano produces the entire production based on the customer’s brand and message content. Grano’s mission is to make the customer visible, offer a unique service experience and implement even impossible communication ideas into channels that are relevant to the target audience. Grano serves 22 locations in Finland, nationwide from the Helsinki metropolitan area to Lapland.

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