The origin of the fish and meat is clearly visible on the info screens

With SeeSignage’s updated screen system, businesses can smoothly change fish and meat origin labels on screens. This tool offers two main perks. It makes the shopping experience better by clearly showing where products come from. It also helps businesses follow Finland’s strict food labeling laws.

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About Finnish Law and Fish Products

Finnish law says that if a fish product made in Finland uses imported fish, the product’s origin must be clear. (Reference.) Info screens are a perfect way to enable this.

Better Customer Experience with Information Screens

SeeSignage’s screens are not just good for sharing information. They also look good and can be placed in many spots. They can be put at a grocery store’s fish or meat counter or any other sales point to improve the customer experience and share product information more effectively.

Advertising display along the corridor

Why choose old methods when you can follow the law and give a great customer experience with info screens? Future business will be digital and clear. Stay ahead with SeeSignage’s screens.

Raise the customer experience to a new level with info screens!

Improve your company’s communication and visibility with easy-to-use SeeSignage info screens. Be one step ahead of your competitors.