Shopping centers

In shopping centers, individual stores want to advertise on screens. Shopping centers need different kind of guidance. It is advisable to create a larger image and atmosphere on video and LED walls.

Stores operating in shopping centers and, for example, various brands, can increase their visibility by running content across screens located in the shopping center. Displays can either be linked to each other and act synchronously or act as separate communication surfaces. Customers appreciate up-to-date and relevant information. Ask us how you can take advantage of our solution as a tenant or shopping mall manager.

As a shopping center tenant, you can get a pylon or an outward facing display into your own space. With a screen, you get more attention to your store and will be able to attract customers to step in and explore your inventory. You can display atmospheric content and product information on the screen. Both messages are important and activate different audiences. Ambient content strengthens the brand and the presentation of information appeals to the customer to make rational decisions. Monitors help create a positive image for the public.



LED walls

On the LED wall it is possible to build large and visible surfaces for large numbers of customers. If you have a store site or column in a prominent position, you should definitely install an LED wall and start selling your advertising space. You can also use advertising space for your own communications and advertising.

Video walls

On the video wall, bright and visible surfaces can be constructed, for example, to display a larger advertising surface through the outer window. The video wall can also be enclosed in a weatherproof case, providing a spectacular surface for the street level.

Totems and trumpets

Mobile totem stands can be moved to where campaigns are. Products can be lifted into screens by reading barcodes from products and screens with a PDA. Easy and effortless.


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