Public spaces and service centers

It’s important to lead people in the right direction to the right services in public spaces. Screens can display current topics or local notifications to a wide audience. One platform, multiple use cases.

It’s important to inform people visiting for the first time, what to do next. Directing messages can be long term and permanent, but new updated messages can be displayed on the screens with just few clicks.


There are a lot of employees in public spaces who need to be informed on current matters. Communication can be managed remotely on the break room screen. The bulletin board feature allows you to easily add existing material or write a message in your browser. You can even add rosters to the screen.



Totems and trumpets

Mobile totem stands can be moved to where campaigns are. Products can be lifted into screens by reading barcodes from products and screens with a PDA. Easy and effortless.


An infoscreen can be placed at a location where you want to influence people. In close vicinity of stores infoscreens can have content that attracts people to step in. Inside infoscreens can create a positive atmosphere and offer additional information towards products.


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