The best Electronic Shelf Label (ESL) -solution on the market


More than 165 Million sold Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL) in over 50 countries in over 16000 locations!
Decades long experience and development have created almost perfect electronic shelf label, Pricer ESL.

Why Pricer?

  • Power consumption – Pricer gives 7year warranty for its batteries, making Pricer ESL last the longest on the market without needing battery replacement.
  • Click & Collect -pick up app – This helps the staff to collect products easily and fast around the store and the warehouse. This can be integrated with ease to already existing collecting app.
  • Shopper Guidance – Customers guidance in the store by using their own smart phones. This also enables targeted promotions based on their location on the store and the study of customers shopping preferences.
  • IR and not crowded RF! – Pricer uses fast and reliable infrared technology with proprietary protocols. IR -technology enables accurate and fast locating of labels.
  • Full integration – Pricer is fully integrated with SeeSignage that enables easy  content management and automated price changes to Digital Signage -screens.