An infoscreen can be placed at a location where you want to influence people. In close vicinity of stores, infoscreens can have content that attracts people to step in. Indoors infoscreens can create a positive atmosphere and offer additional information towards products.


Infoscreens can be used to guide customers and direct movement in your facilities. The right message at the right time makes the shopping experience more pleasant.


Dynamic content

Infoscreens can also display dynamic content when needed. You can for instance put up and advertise different products depending on the predominant weather. Content changes when the weather changes in the exact location of the screen. What could be better than to remind customers to purchase an umbrella when it rains or to grab a bottle of sun screen on a hot sunny day.


Installation solutions

Infoscreens can be mounted onto different kinds of stands and other solutions. Ask us for more information or browse through our Solutions section.



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