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Mar 19, 2019

When working with customers, from time to time we get the question if SeeSignage software is needed on the Digital Signage screen. The more time consuming and labor intensive alternative for SeeSignage is to put the content on a memory stick.

When to use SeeSignagea?

  • When you want an easy-to-use interface for content production and management
  • When content changes frequently or you have more than one screen
  • You want to easily update content, regardless of time and place
  • You want dynamic content depending on location, weather, time, or even nearby lunch lists
  • You want to monitor the screen status remotely
  • When you want SeeSignage’s professional support to your content production and management
  • When you need help from SeeSignage professionals in case of problems
  • When you want professionally designed ready made templates

SeeSignage is the best solution for frequently changing content and creating new content for your screens. You can specify content to change at a specific time, for example being displayed only at lunchtime. In addition, content can change dynamically according to current weather or location for example. SeeSignage also monitors the status of the screens and if they are functioning properly. In case of a problem, SeeSignage professionals can work proactively and fix that before you even notice.

SeeSignage also lets you easily manage your ads. This is especially useful if your display is in a prominent position and the screen reaches many people. In this case, you might benefit by receiving additional income from selling ad space on the display.

The SeeSignage interface is easy for anyone to use. If you need help, we are always available in support chat, email, or phone. With SeeSignage, we can quickly solve your problems remotely.

When to use a USB memory?

  • When content rarely changes
  • When there are only few displays to manage
  • When there is no remote monitoring required
  • If content does not need to be managed remotely, or scheduled to change at a specific time
  • You have sufficient technical skills and know how to produce content in correct format for the display. You might have graphic design skills yourself.
  • You do not need any product support
  • You don’t need easy-to-use content creation and management tool


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