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How Movie Theater Center Tapio Revamped the Customer Experience with Information Displays

In the golden age of streaming services, traditional movie theaters face challenges in maintaining the interest of their customers. Movie Theater Center Tapio has addressed this challenge in an innovative way. Welcome to the future where digital information and advertising displays have taken the customer experience to a completely new level!

The Power of the Digital Information Display

Movie Theater Center Tapio refreshed the movie experience with fourteen state-of-the-art Samsung digital displays. The screen sizes range from 32 to 65 inches, and the colorful and bright screens showcase current and upcoming movie posters, creating the perfect atmosphere right from the first step.

Seamless Unity and Easy Management

The displays are designed to seamlessly integrate into the overall ambiance of the movie theater. They are not isolated elements, but rather complement and enhance the customer experience. This is made possible by the SeeSignage cloud service, which makes managing the displays extremely easy. You can easily schedule various contents, such as pictures and videos, related to the movie theater’s program.

More than Just Movies

Streaming services have changed the way we consume movies and series, but they cannot offer the same comprehensive experience that is only possible in a movie theater. Movie Theater Center Tapio understands this. Here, it’s not just about the movie itself; it’s about the cinematic journey that the displays and the environment together take you on.

If you are a business looking for new and exciting ways to enhance the customer experience, digital information and advertising displays are investments that should not be overlooked.

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