Attract more customers to your store

Apr 26, 2019

In order to attract more customers to your store, the customer’s competing thoughts and attraction factors must be taken into account. The key question is, how do you increase the attractiveness of your business from the customer’s point of view?


Research shows that the most appealing content outside the store is content that affects your emotions instead of informative content [1]. Digital Signage screens appeal especially to new customers and also increases customer loyalty among existing customers [2]. Digital signage content influence is strongest to new customers, who we want to attract the most [2].


How should I display the digital signage content to the customer? Emotional content works better on a large media surface. The easiest way to get started with increasing the attraction of your business is have a large screen and display emotional content on it. There are many different solutions available and it depends on the shop premises which solution deliver biggest bang for buck.


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[1] Dennis, C., Brakus, J.J., Gupta, S. and Alamanos, E., 2014. The effect of digital signage on shoppers’ behavior: The role of the evoked experience. Journal of Business research, 67(11), pp.2250-2257.

[2] Dennis, C., Newman, A., Michon, R., Brakus, J.J. and Wright, L.T., 2010. The mediating effects of perception and emotion: Digital signage in mall atmospherics. Journal of Retailing and Consumer services, 17(3), pp.205-215.


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